Modulo Pi — ISE 2018


Modulo Pi offers a sneak peek at major new features of its media server solutions at ISE 2018- Booth 14-K135 –

January 2018, Paris – France

Exhibiting in Amsterdam at ISE 2018, Modulo Pi will give a sneak preview of the major new features for its media server solutions. Demos of the extensive capabilities of both Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic, alongside a live-interactive experience, will be showing in booth K135, Hall 14, from February 6th to February 9th.

Modulo Pi will give a preview of the upcoming versions of Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic, the full-spectrum media server solutions designed to create stunning visual experiences within a variety of applications, from everyday shows to the most demanding productions.

Modulo Player, the user-friendly media server ideal for everyday projects, offers an intuitive interface and simple-to-use workflow, for fast and easy set-up and operation. Modulo Player was designed to process media seamlessly and provide the best possible quality, while running on a streamlined hardware configuration.
Thanks to exclusive features such as the unique XMAP for advanced 2D warping, its playlist management, and powerful embedded show control capabilities, Modulo Player is a versatile and cost-effective solution that will fit the needs of a variety of projects.


Officially launched at ISE 2017, Modulo Kinetic is the ultimate tool for video playback, real-time 3D, interactivity, and tracking. This super high-end media server offers a state-of-the-art 3D engine for show design and visualization, powerful non-linear real-time compositing, nodal programming, as well as show control and tracking capabilities.
Modulo Kinetic can be used across the complete workflow, including study, simulation, media creation, encoding and playback. Operator-friendly with its intuitive and collaborative user interface, Modulo Kinetic makes projection study and simulation in 3D easy.


After being successfully used within a wide array of applications, including corporate events, theme parks, museums, and touring, new versions of Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic will be previewed at ISE 2018.

Both systems will provide unprecedented live management capabilities thanks to a new innovative “all-in-one” approach. The products will also be presented with a new rugged suspended chassis, as well as professional connectivity for improved durability.

Additional features specific to Modulo Kinetic will include 3D tracking, new real-time 3D features, and higher interactivity. Yannick Kohn, Modulo Pi’s Founder and CEO, explains: “For a live-interactive show, most of the time you will at least need one tracking system, one media server, and one FX add-on,… our vision is to offer one complete solution: Modulo Kinetic embeds real-time 3D, tracking, and video playback, to make the best out of these extensive capabilities through a unique box and user interface.

After starting a collaboration with Allegorithmic last year for the integration of 3D Substance materials, Modulo Pi goes further in real-time management: “We will introduce our new real-time 3D particles engine at ISE. And for the first time on a tradeshow, we will also demonstrate our optical tracking solution”, says Kohn.

These new capabilities of Modulo Kinetic will be highlighted in a unique playful demo experience created in collaboration with Pixel n’Pepper, a creative agency specializing in video scenography, interactivity, and 3D mapping.

Visit Modulo Pi at ISE 2018 in booth K135, hall 14, to find out more.

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Modulo Kinetic launch at ISE


Modulo Pi Launches Full-Spectrum Media Server Solutions at ISE

February 2017, Amsterdam – Netherlands

Modulo Pi – the French market leader of video control and media server solutions – debuts with its established, full-spectrum product range of complete and affordable solutions, on AV’s largest international stage, at ISE (Integrated Systems Europe. 7-10 February, 2017, RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands), on Booth K130, Hall 14.

ISE 2017 will mark the official launch of Modulo Pi’s latest advanced video solution, Modulo Kinetic – a powerful high end media server solution with a modern interface, timelines, generative content, real time 3D engine and interactivity – and present the latest version of its original video creation software for everyday use, Modulo Player V4.

Modulo Pi products provide the reliability needed by every client, whether it’s a ten-minutes event as your most important fashion show of the year, a corporate event, a videomapping experience or a 24/24, 7/7 permanent installation. A super high end, advanced toolbox for real-time 3D video and interactivity, Modulo Kinetic offers non-linear, real-time timelines for editing with key frames. Kinetic enables different video approaches to be merged simply into one coherent environment. Yannick Kohn, founder and director of Modulo Pi, describes the power principle behind the product: “Modulo Kinetic’s real time 3D motor allows to display very realistic content with which the user can interact with. We wanted a pipeline that would allow to integrate technologies used in AAA video game engines. So, we worked in collaboration with Allegorithmic to integrate 3D materials generated by Substance Painter and Substance Designer. With Modulo Kinetic, it is now possible to load a Substance asset and interact on the parameters in real time.”


Modulo Kinetic can be used across the complete workflow, including study, simulation, media creation, encoding and playback. Simple to use with its intuitive user interface, projection study and simulation in 3D is simple with interactivity available via easy-to-use nodal programming. As with the Modulo Player, users can also create customised simplified interfaces for smartphone, PC or tablet usage. Modulo Kinetic also offers 3D projector calibration for the perfect final event execution. Modulo Kinetic’s capabilities were tested in depth for the Michel Polnareff tour, projecting beautifully intricate 3D backdrops onto 40 mechanically tracked cubes, amongst many other scenes. Modulo Kinetic is equally suited to fixed installation: LePuy du Fou – France’s grand-scale historical theme park famed for its theatrical spectaculars – also snapped up Modulo Kinetic pre-launch to run and control its original new show for 2016, ‘Le Dernier Panache’. The internationally acclaimed theme park boasts eight Modulo Kinetic VNODE 4K supplying eight Christie Boxer 4K projectors to unveil projected scenes for the audience. But this is no ordinary show as the audience is seated on a vast round, tiered, bleacher-style seating platform that rotates through 360°. The modulo Kinetic receives information of the orientation of the platform via the OSC protocol onto the relevant screen to advance the story and perfectly manage the projected content. For over five years prior to the launch of Kinetic, the Puy du Fou has also relied upon Modulo Player to drive its demanding projected entertainment and spectaculars – and it does not stand alone. Other major French theme parks – Le Futuroscope and Parc Asterix – as well as international museums also rely on the power and control capabilities of Modulo Player. The 3D engine of the Modulo Player shares its common basis with the engine of which immediately assured Modulo Kinetic as a stable and efficient solution from its first use. Now in its fourth version, Modulo Player is the company’s original easy-to-use video solution, competitively priced for everyday use and designed intuitively with a user-friendly intuitive interface and simple-to-use workflow, for easy comprehension and simplicity. A low-latency real-time live mixer, Modulo Player boasts easy-to-use show control across devices, tasks and digimap, as well as a unique and innovative x-map feature for advanced 2D warping. Manage and play back projects in real time or take advantage of the advanced features available for play lists. Kohn says of the Modulo Player, “The main advantage of our Modulo Player is that it allows performing simple to complex tasks at an affordable price, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, operators can easily and quickly get their hand on the solution, while advanced users will find all the tools they can expect from a video solution.” ISE represents the first opportunity to view the ground-breaking and innovative 3D video control solutions from Modulo Pi. To get under the skin of the powerful Modulo full-spectrum collection, or to discuss distribution and trade opportunities, visit Modulo Pi in Hall 14 Booth K130.