Modulo Pi presents a dance performance with real-time tracking and interactivity

Modulo Pi presents a dance performance with real-time tracking and interactivity

Paris, February 2020 – Modulo Pi is pleased to unveil a dance performance featuring real-time tracking, interactivity and generative content. The all show relies on the Modulo Kinetic media server and KineMotion, the new optical tracking module fully developed by Modulo Pi.

Fully developed by Modulo Pi, KineMotion is an optical tracking module designed for state-of-the-art creative and interactive visual experiences. Available as an option, the tracking module allows to handle the all calibration process directly within Modulo Kinetic.
Combined with the extensive capabilities of Modulo Kinetic – 3D particles engine, nodal editor, timeline sequencer… – KineMotion unlocks new opportunities for creative and interactive visual experiences such as projection on moving objects, particles drawing and tracking, automatic follow spot, light painting, and more.

Watch the dance performance below and get a sneak peek of the endless possibilities offered by Modulo Kinetic and KineMotion:

For more information about the set-up and how it works, watch the making of video:

1 x Modulo Kinetic Designer
1 x Modulo Kinetic VNode
1 x KineMotion tracking module: add-on software and calibration kit

Setup for stage tracking:
1 x video-projector
1 x Blackout kabuki curtain controlled by a GPIO device
8 x OptiTrack cameras (360° tracking)

Setup for face mapping and tracking:
1 x video-projector
4 x OptiTrack cameras with embedded infrared projector
12 x passive markers on the dancer’s face

Dancer beacons:
1 x infrared led on each hand
1 x infrared led on each foot
4 x infrared leds on a panel on the chest

Other accessories:
4 x infrared leds on the rectangular frame
4 x infrared leds on the round frame

The dance performance will be played live on a regular basis
in Modulo Pi’s heardquarters next to Paris, France.

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