Live performances

From concerts to operas, from theater plays to musicals, Modulo Pi offers the next generation of media servers for live performances: Intuitive, user-friendly, creative and fully integrated, we are able to meet with the most specific demands.

  • Modulo Player’s playlist offers an exceptional level of flexibility during live performances, whenever the artist wants or needs to change the order of the show.
  • We offer the most intuitive and efficient user interface on the market. The training of technicians becomes easier and faster, making our clients a lot more independent.
  • While on tour, save time in new venues when warping outputs and encoding your show thanks to our multi-user remote control and advanced 2D warping tools.
  • Control your media server from your lighting console.
  • Easily playback video content as DMX to control LED stripe and lighting fixtures.
  • Add live video feeds to your show with our optional low latency SDI input boards.
  • Synchronize 2D video with linear motions to project onto moving screens.
  • Interface and synchronize your Media Server with the entire technical configuration of your show.
  • Get the best picture quality on large video walls when playing uncompressed TGA and 10-bit DPX sequences or Apple ProRes files.
  • Optimize your workflow with creative studios by working with ProRes media files.
  • Take show production to the next level thanks to Modulo Kinetic’s timeline with key frames.
  • Manage complex multi-screen setups with Modulo Kinetic’s Render Surface feature.
  • Design your entire projection and visualize it from any point of view thanks to Modulo Kinetic’s powerful 3D module.
  • Boost your show’s interactivity with our advanced nodal programming and 3D tracking modules.