Vanessa Paradis 2019 Tour


Lighting design and scenography: Biscuit Production

Modulo Player provider: Artabase Studio

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Modulo Player embarks on Vanessa Paradis 2019 tour

For Vanessa Paradis 2019 Tour, the Biscuit Production team imagined a scenography marrying lighting and video to go with the artist’s new songs as well as her greatest success. Modulo Player, the media server from Modulo Pi, ensured the media playing.


From May to July 2019, Vanessa Paradis toured through 15 cities, among which were 7 concerts in the Olympia hall in Paris. In charge of the tour’s scenography, the creative agency Biscuit Production designed a scenery with light and video to accompany the artist and her musicians on stage.

Paul Chappet, a lighting designer and a member of Biscuit Production team, explains: “We are at the artists service, and there was a strong wish for light and effects not to overtake the music. It was music before all.”

To accompany the stage lighting, video projection was integrated to the scenography. “Today, we always think in terms of light and video when working on a new project. It is all intertwined.” adds Paul Chappet.

For the stage background, a cyclorama screen was powered by 2 x 14K Christie video-projectors. Another 20K Christie video-projector was used to light the kabuki drape on stage during the concert introduction, but was also projecting on the musicians and on a string curtain closing on the cyclorama screen.

The Biscuit Production team relied on Modulo Player, the versatile media server solution by Modulo Pi.

Provided by Artabase Studio, Modulo Player allowed the 14K video-projectors soft edge calibration on the cyclorama screen. As the 20K video-projector had to project on different surfaces throughout the concert, a task created in Modulo Player was used to control the projector’s optic as well as its focus on the kabuki drape, and then on the string curtain.

Modulo Player also dealt with all full HD media playing in HAP format.

Paul Chappet comments: “HAP works perfectly with Modulo Player. We often had media loading problems with other media servers. Not here.”

A lighting designer by trade, Paul Chappet was working from his lighting console during every concert. All the videos encoded in Modulo Player were launched in DMX from the lighting console. “The link between lighting console and media server in Art-Net works well” adds Paul Chappet. “With Modulo Player, we gain a lot of flexibility and it is ultra-stable. The interface is simple and intuitive. We never have lag problems. It is plug and play every day.