Modulo Pi launches Modulo Kinetic Version 5 with focus on Interactivity

Paris, May 2023 – Modulo Pi is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Modulo Kinetic Version 5. The media server new version offers a full array of features for interactivity. Enhanced with these new capabilities, Modulo Kinetic is positioned as the fully-integrated solution for immersive and interactive experiences.

Designing the next generation of media server solutions, Modulo Pi is pleased to announce the official release of Modulo Kinetic V5.

Introduced in 2016, Modulo Kinetic is Modulo Pi’s flagship media server. The versatile platform can be used across a complete project workflow thanks to its 3D environment, real-time timelines, embedded live mixer and show control tools, all brought within one consistent user-friendly interface. The scalable platform is based on Kinetic Designer, an intuitive user interface with dedicated workstation, connected to one or several networked V-Node servers.

Previewed at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, the version 5 of Modulo Kinetic is now available. Modulo Kinetic V5 facilitates the creation and implementation of experiences featuring real-time interactions with video, audio, light, generative content or machinery, for both permanent installations and live events.

All the steps required in an interactive project, from calibrating sensors to creating effects, are accessible from the media server, without having to program code or create gateways to a suite of third-party tools.

Modulo Kinetic V5 adds the support of various sensors to meet the needs and budget of any type of project: 2D LiDAR from Hokuyo and Leuze, 3D LiDAR from Ouster, but also Azure Kinect, Orbbec cameras, Leap Motion

Integrated into Modulo Kinetic‘s internal library of devices, the sensors can be calibrated in seconds, allowing the media server to flawlessly retrieve the position of one or multiple users to generate the interactive experience.

A library of effects available as nodes is also embedded in Modulo Kinetic. The media server’s nodal compositing tool allows nodes to be chained and cumulated to create unique effects.

Modulo Kinetic‘s timelines system makes it easy to mix interactive layers and pre-calculated media for smooth playback.


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