1Minute Projection Mapping, Japan


Distributor: Mileruntech .co Ltd
O.R.B design (slide 2): Yann Nguema
O.R.B music (slide 2): EZ3kiel
Photos: ©︎Office Tetsuo Sakou

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The 1Minute Projection Mapping festival relies on Modulo Player in Japan

For the 2019 edition of the 1Minute Projection Mapping festival, organizers relied upon the Modulo Player by Modulo Pi. The media server played in key role in the technical set-up for the international festival organized in Kanagawa, Japan.

The 8th edition of the 1Minute Projection Mapping shows great success: more than 170 projects were submitted from 43 different countries. Among them, 20 top projects were selected by the organizers and could present their work during the festival.

In late September, more than 20,000 people attended 1Minute Projection Mapping which is one of the biggest international mapping contests. The theme of the year was “Dream”, and the 20 teams in competition had their work projected on the impressive Odawara castle for a spectacular show.

The technical set-up included 6 x Panasonic video-projectors, as well as 1 x Modulo Player media server by Modulo Pi. The Modulo Player unit was provided by Mileruntech .co Ltd, Modulo Pi’s distributor in Japan.
The exclusive X-Map function available in Modulo Player helped easily deal with all the intricate details of the castle to ensure a perfect projection mapping. Modulo Player was also controlling a laser software used for O.R.B, the artwork presented by multimedia artist Yann Nguema who was a guest for the 2019 edition.
Modulo Player also allowed having a Monitoring screen sent with NDI, as well as a user panel to control the playlists for the show from a tablet.

Takashi Shigetake, from the Projection Mapping Association of Japan, states: “Even though there was a lot of work to do in a very limited time, Modulo Player allowed us to work with a very intuitive interface and to save large amount of operation time. Since of its operability and stability on site, both mapping adjustment and playlist monitoring were a true success.”