Casino de Royat renovated, France


Casino Director & contractor: Christophe Silve, Groupe Partouche
Scenery designer: Jean-Philippe Corrigou, Caribou Concept
AV supplier & integrator: Sébastien Bruneau, Kinesik
Modulo Player operator: Loic Lecocq

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Casino de Royat gets renovated with help of Modulo Pi’s media servers

On May 19, 2021, Casino de Royat reopened doors to the public who could discover its new immersive installation. The Rotunda room, entrance hall to the casino, was renovated with new screens and arches made of LED walls powered by 2 Modulo Player media servers by Modulo Pi.

Located minutes from the city center of Clermont-Ferrand in France, Casino de Royat is part of the 38 casinos owned by the Groupe Partouche in France. For the renovation of the casino, the Groupe Partouche appealed to Jean-Philippe Corrigou, scenery and lighting designer. The mission entrusted to Jean-Philippe Corrigou consisted in creating an immersive environment using video in the Rotunda room, the emblematic entrance hall of Casino de Royat.
“Following discussions with Christophe Silve, Director of the casino, we decided to create 120 square meters of custom screens in the Rotunda, which is the entrance of the casino, and dispatch to the theater, the game rooms, and the restaurant” explains Jean-Philippe Corrigou.

The custom LED walls were supplied and installed by Kinesik. The company selected the K-LINE Front Access model with a 1.9mm pixel pitch for the 6 columns in the Rotunda, front and rear, representing 75 square meters of tiles.
As for the upper part of the arches, custom K-LINE tiles with a 2.5mm pixel pitch were installed, corresponding to a 45 square meters surface.

To feed these LED walls, 2 x Modulo Player Pro media servers were integrated, one server equipped with 6 outputs, and the other server with 4 outputs. Each server also features a Deltacast live input board with 2 x HDMI 2.0 inputs. Thus, the media servers can playback any immersive or informative content the Casino de Royat wishes: Immersive sequences in ProRes 422 for optimal image quality, videos of the Groupe Partouche, digital signage to indicate the different rooms of the casino, players’ gains at roulette and blackjack, menu of the restaurant, and live broadcast of football and rugby games.

Loïc Lecocq, LED wall technician and Modulo Player operator, was in charge of encoding media for the project. He performed the creation of multiple playlists, creation of PIPs through the live mixer embedded in Modulo Player, and relied on multi-channel audio playback, and NDI monitoring.
The Modulo Player media servers are controlled by the Crestron system responsible for the casino whole automation.