China 70th anniversary celebration


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China 70th anniversary celebration relies on Modulo Player

On September 29th, China held a grand gala performance in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China. This show had over 4.000 attendees to witness the astonishing scenery and stage effects.

The Great Hall of the People is a unique structure with many profiled surfaces. For this show, there were four imaging areas, including the inner stage, stage steps, outside wall of the stage, as well as the hall’s dome.
Several groups of 4 stacked video-projectors were needed for each area. Due to the dome irregular surfaces, the warping and blending process could be rather challenging.

A total of 58 video-projectors were used, receiving video commands from the 19 x Modulo Player provided by EZPro. Thanks to the powerful warping tools offered by Modulo Player, working with complicated shapes became a breeze.
Besides, in order to avoid residual lighting from the video-projectors after lightoff, which could expose the stage during set change, the operators had Modulo Player to control the optical shutters of projectors.

Thanks to amazing visual effects, audiences had true immersive experience.