Christmas projection mapping, Annecy


AV provider: Electroson Studio

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Christmas projection mapping in Annecy with Modulo Player

To celebrate the holiday season, the city of Annecy appointed Electroson Studio to manage Christmas projection mapping in different emblematic sites of the city.

Among the five sites managed by Electroson Studio, three feature projection mapping: the Faubourg Sainte Claire Gate, the Isle Palace, and the Notre Dame de Liesse Church. On each building, a 5-minute show is projected and mapped on the architecture.

For the Faubourg Sainte Claire Gate and the Isle Palace, 1 x EPSON EB-L1715S projector is used together with 1 x Modulo Player Nano for each site. Modulo Player Nano comes in a very compact hardware, while offering the same advanced warping tools as the rest of the Modulo Player series. The X-Map function embedded in Modulo Player Nano was used to help deliver an accurate projection and map all the intricate details of the architecture.

For the Notre Dame de Liesse church, projection featured an immersive and colorful show created by visual artist Camille Gross. The show was projected on the church’s impressive facade and bell tower. The setup includes 4 x EPSON EB-L1715S projectors and 1 x Modulo Player STD-4 media server for the facade, plus 1 x EPSON EB-L1715S and 1 x Modulo Player STD-1 for the tower.

For each mapping, projection is controlled remotely using the Modulo Player Remote. These three Christmas projection mappings can be see in Annecy until January 3rd, 2021.

In addition to Annecy, Electroson Studio was also appointed for Christmas mapping projection in Niort and Reims.
In Niort, 1 x Modulo Player STD-3 feeds 6 x EPSON EB-L1715S projectors for a mapping on a donjon.
In Reims, projections are made on the Tau Palace as well as the Boucheries Fountain. Each projection rely on 1 x EPSON EB-L1715S and 1 x Modulo Player Nano.

Christmas projection mapping

Projection in the city of Niort – France


Christmas projection mapping

Projection on the Boucheries Fountain in Reims – France