Video mapping show in castle, France


Client: Château du Breuil
Technical provider : Fosphor
Design, direction & production: Holymage
Light programming: Antoine Manichon
Music: «In the house» Philippe Rombi – Mandarin Production

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“La Part des Anges”

2017, Du Breuil Castle, France

As part of the visit of the Château du Breuil, Holymage offers a light and video mapping show at the Orangerie, for the closing of the tour. This creation is placed as the synthesis of a sensorial journey, the visual narration is inspired by the steps of the Calvados production : From the apple through the flames to the copper of the still, matter is honored; graphic games bring a contemporary touch to participate in a truly unique experience. For a moment, aging cellars take the form of video screens to release their secret. The launch of the show is driven by a tactile device. The interface also makes it possible to choose exclusively the lights of the Orangerie. The ambition of this creation is to propose an impacting an emotional experience, and so, to extend the visit thanks to unforgettable memories.