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Modulo Kinetic, Much More than a Media Server

Paris, 13th September 2018

We are excited to present a new video demonstrating the new features of Modulo Kinetic’s version 3. With this new version, we take you further into real-time management and enhanced interactivity.Watch the short demo for a small preview of all the new possibilities that Modulo Kinetic version 3 will bring out in your creativity.

Our vision is to offer one complete solution: Modulo Kinetic embeds real-time 3D, tracking, and video playback, through a unique box and user interface, to make the best out of these extensive capabilities.

Main features – Our All-in-one solution will give you access to :
– A complete media server solution
– ModuloTracker – Modulo Kinetic new Tracking solution: Camera Rig calibration, ground setup, full automatic calibration of projectors.
– Realtime3D Dynamic automatic blending & Full automatic calibration of projectors
– Integrated nodal programming for interactivity, real-time 3D engine with particles for generative content
– Show control

Check the full version of the demo below for a more detailed demonstration:

In this video :

First, we recreated the stage environment in Kinetic 3D viewer. All the effects (generative content, interactive 3D effects, interactive objects, 3D area detection of objects as triggers) where created in their own 3d scenes in Modulo Kinetic, and where then added to the timeline.
At the office, we used leap motion to prepare all the effects beforehand. Once on stage site, we switched to ModuloTracker. For the Robe Viva followspot, the beacon position was sent to the Ma lighting desk using PSN protocol. In this new version, we’ve also added the possibility, with a Mocap suit, to animate a rigged avatar through real-time capture.

Set-up information :
– 6 x infrared cameras
– 2 x 20 000 lumens projectors
– 1 x Modulo Kinetic Designer + 1 Modulo VNode
– 1 Robe Viva
– Ma Lighting desk
– Mocap Suit.
– Stage size : about 20m

We can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll come up with in futur shows using these new features!