El Sueño de Toledo, Puy du Fou España


Study & mapping: WHATSIT
Media: Digital District
Modulo Player operators: SOWARP

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El Sueño de Toledo, Puy du Fou España

Launched in summer 2019 as a preview of the new Puy du Fou España theme park, El Sueño de Toledo is a 70-minute night-time show offering to revisit 1,500 years of Spain’s history.
In front of a 5,000 seats grandstand, the historic fresco takes place on a 5-hectare stage with +185 horse riders and actors involved, as well as 2,000 characters. A video mapping is projected onto 3,900 sqm of scenery through 28 x Christie D20WU-HS projectors, and 8 x Modulo Player Standard media servers by Modulo Pi.

Modulo Player handles soft edge blending and warping. The show is synchronized with LTC Timecode, and operators can launch the show and turn on video-projectors through custom user panels created in Modulo Player.
Since August 30, 2019, El Sueño de Toledo attracted more than 120,000 spectators. The show was awarded “Best Creation 2019” at the PAC Awards 2019 ceremony.