“In Goude we trust” exhibition, Japan


Design: Jean Paul Goude
AV set-up: Cadmos

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Modulo Pi’s media servers enliven the “In Goude we trust” exhibition in Japan

Hosted at the Chanel Nexus Hall in Tokyo, an exhibition mounted by French artist Jean-Paul Goude highlights some of his greatest collaborations with the Chanel high fashion house. Working on the AV set-up for the project, French company Cadmos selected the Modulo Player media server for this creative exhibition. 

 Jean-Paul Goude is a French graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and advertising film director. For 20 years, he has been collaborating with Chanel, producing some of the most iconic campaigns of the high fashion house.

To celebrate the artist’s creative work and collaborations with Chanel over the years, the Jean-Paul Goude Studio mounted the exhibition “In Goude we trust”.

In charge of the AV set-up for the exhibition, Cadmos relied upon 3 x Modulo Player, Modulo Pi’s versatile media server solution. To deliver outstanding image quality, the Modulo Player units were reading uncompressed content and Apple ProRes sources.

The first unit of Modulo Player was used for “So far so Goude”, a 90 minutes retrospective film providing an overview of Jean Paul Goude’s work.

The second Modulo Player was dedicated to “the fire”, a double-way mirror with hidden screens. When dancers came and performed in front of this installation, their heads, hands, and feet seemed to set alight. “Thanks to Modulo Player, we could easily position the flames on the dancers’ bodies” explains Roman Hatala, Director at Cadmos.

Finally, the last Modulo Player was used on an installation featuring a Chanel No.5 bottle. Famed fashion designer Coco Chanel appeared in hologram form within the bottle to tell about her story. Modulo Player enabled displaying and positioning the 4K video of Coco Chanel, as well as lights to magnify the bottle of perfume: “The XMap function within Modulo Player helped us project lights onto the bottles’ edges, lighting up the scene for a better result” says Roman Hatala.

Hosted for the first time at the Chanel Nexus Hall in Tokyo in late 2018, the creative exhibition will run in other cities in the coming months.