Chantilly video mapping, France

Hôtel des Lumières Hôtel des Lumières

Production: Chantilly-Senlis Tourism Office, Château de Chantilly, Holymage
Show creation and direction: Holymage
Technical production: Magnum
Media server operator: Baptiste Jazé

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The Château de Chantilly is coming to life with a stunning video mapping using Modulo Kinetic

During the European Heritage Days 2021, the Château de Chantilly was host of “Chantilly, Le Rocher des Trésors” (Chantilly, The Treasure Rock), a magnificent show designed by visual creative studio Holymage. Attended by 15.000 people, the spectacular featured video mapping, music, lasers, flames, water jets and fireworks. Entrusted with the technical production of the event, Magnum used the Modulo Kinetic media server solution for the projection mapping.

On September 17-20, 2021, the Château de Chantilly and its heritage were celebrated through a unique spectacular created and designed by French studio Holymage. At the cornerstone of the 45-minute multimedia show, a remarkable projection mapping made of 8 acts took the audience through the history and finest hours of the 14th-century castle.

Magnum was handling the technical production to ensure a flawless show. Having many years of experience with the Modulo Player media server for projection mapping or live events, Magnum went for the Modulo Kinetic platform for this show. José Jorge, Technical Director at Magnum, explains: Modulo Kinetic was chosen for its greater flexibility, and its previsualization tools.”

One Modulo Kinetic Designer workstation, and 2 x Modulo Kinetic V-Node servers were used to feed a bunch of Barco UDX-4K32 stacked projectors. The warping process could be handled easily in 2D using the exclusive X-Map function. The duplication of the warped X-Maps allowed to quickly handle the stacked projectors.

To ensure smoother movements, some alpha elements were added and composited directly in Modulo Kinetic’s timeline. In addition, the colorimetry tools embedded in the media server allowed to further enhance the rendering on the video projection on the building’s rock.

The whole show was synchronized with timecode in Modulo Kinetic to have all elements of the show perfectly synced including projection, lights, audio, fireworks, and water jets.

Using Modulo Kinetic’s UI Designer, a custom panel was created through drag and drop. The panel allowed to monitor the status and information of the video projectors and V-Node servers real time. To offer total reliability, tasks were created in Modulo Kinetic to automatically switch on backup projectors and turn on their shutters if needed.

The show was a tremendous success with 15.000 attendees who came to enjoy this unique show highlighting the local historical and cultural heritage.