ISE 2019 – Real-time interactive show


ISE 2019 – Real-time interactive show
February 2019, ISE 2019 TradeShow, Amsterdam – NL
Graphic Design: Masa Burgic

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Modulo Pi at ISE 2019: Real-time interactive show

Modulo Pi was pleased to highlight Modulo Kinetic’s new powerful capabilities including real-time generative content, interactivity, and motion tracking control:

> A full real-time show:
The show is exclusively based on png files, 3D objects, 3D animated objects, 3D lighting, matcap materials, generative content, and real-time 3D particles.
With no video or pre-rendering, any modification in the show can be directly done in Modulo Kinetic’s software.
Thanks to a camera hanged above the demo and two IR LED on the robot, the position of the robot is tracked real-time, with content following the robot’s movements. The robot is controlled in Bluetooth directly from Modulo Kinetic.

> Generative content:
Generative content and particles are created using Modulo Kinetic’s powerful 3D engine. Some parameters of the particle’s engine are controlled from the timelines to be perfectly synced with the music. Other parameters are controlled from the nodal programming panel to be synchronized real time with the position of the robot. Tasks allow to trigger actions on elements of the 3D scene too, while the final compositing is done in the timelines.

> Motion control:
During the show, the robot is following a 3D trajectory imported in Modulo Kinetic.
Thanks to our nodal programming panel, Javascript scripts, and the tracking of the two IR LED on the robot, Modulo Kinetic has full control on the robot. Motion control and effects are based on the position of the robot.

> Several interactive games also available:
Visitors can interact with the robot through a user interface on an iPad designed with Modulo Kinetic: select a game, change the color of the robot. A joystick allows to control the position of the robot. Every movement interacts with the content on screens. Several effects were available to give a sneak peek of Modulo Kinetic’s outstanding capabilities.

> Technical set-up:
1 x Modulo Kinetic Designer
1 x Modulo Kinetic VNode with 4 outputs & tracking option
1 x Tracking kit