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Modulo Pi - ISE 2023 Modulo Pi - ISE 2023
Modulo Pi - ISE 2023 Modulo Pi - ISE 2023
Modulo Pi - ISE 2023 Modulo Pi - ISE 2023
Modulo Pi - ISE 2023 Modulo Pi - ISE 2023

Modulo Pi at ISE 2023
Graphic design – Demos Electricity & Slot machines: Tanina Bouzidi
Graphic design – Demos Eiffel Tower and Gears: Vincent Nast – Ze Boite
Screen automation: Sky-Ron Motion

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Modulo Pi at ISE 2023: Introducing Modulo Kinetic V5 and its new features dedicated to interactive experiences

Modulo Pi was thrilled to unveil Modulo Kinetic V5 at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. The new features of the media server were introduced through an interactive experience based on LiDAR detection. 

Modulo Pi takes Modulo Kinetic to the next level with the new version 5 unveiled at ISE 2023.
Modulo Kinetic V5 adds a full spectrum of functionalities designed for interactive experiences including:

• The support of a large array of touchless sensors: 2D LiDARs, 3D LiDARs, Azure Kinect…
• Quick and easy calibration of the sensors supported
• An ever-growing library of effects that can be linked and chained using our real-time node-based compositing tool
• Timelines to simply mix the real-time interactive layers with the pre-calculated content for a flawless playback

In our stand, we offered an interactive experience with 4 demos available.
Each demo could be launched using a custom panel created with Modulo Kinetic’s UI Designer.
Depending on the demo, the audience was empowered to move the motorized screens on the vertical axis in order to unveil content, or trigger video effects real-time. Watch the video to discover our 4 interactive demos.


Technical set-up:

4 x 65″ screens by Samsung
1 x Modulo Kinetic Designer
1 x Modulo Kinetic V-Node server equipped with 4 outputs
1 x 2D LiDAR: UST-10LX by Hokuyo


Want to find out more?
Visit our demo gallery and discover other examples or interactive experiences based on Modulo Kinetic V5 coupled with 2D LiDARs, 3D LiDARs, RFID…