Jiaxing South Lake night tour, China

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Modulo Pi’s media servers power Jiaxing South Lake night tour

The city of Jiaxing and its South Lake are considered as the birthplace of the Communist Party of China. The founding of the party and its first national congress were concluded on a Red Boat in 1921. Nowadays, Jiaxing welcomes millions of tourists visiting the South Lake Red Boat and Revolutionary Memorial Hall.

For the 100-year anniversary of the party’s foundation, Jiaxing upgraded the night tour of the lakes and Ring River. The project consists in five performance spots combining video, lighting, music, and performances.

The AV setup includes 25 x Epson video-projectors as well as 12 x Modulo Player Standard media servers by Modulo Pi. Part of the servers powers the video-projectors for edge blending, video mapping, and media playback. Another part is installed in anticipation of the project phase 2. Finally, one of the Modulo Player Standard installed is used as the master show control.