74th Monaco Red Cross Gala, Monaco


Technical Production: Mediacom
Media Creation: Mediacom
Artistic Direction: Société des Bains de Mer
Modulo Kinetic Operator: Matthew Keane

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Modulo Kinetic enlivens the 74th Monaco Red Cross Gala

On July 29, 2023, the 74th Monaco Red Cross Gala took place in the iconic Salle des Etoiles of the Sporting Monte-Carlo, presided over by Prince Albert II of Monaco. Every year, the charity event raises funds for the Red Cross’ humanitarian activities.

The Société des Bains de Mer was responsible for the artistic direction of the gala. Technical production was entrusted to Monegasque company Mediacom. For this exceptional evening, 3 Absen LED walls were installed: A central screen and an arch from the Polaris PL 2.5 range, and two side screens from the Lyra 3.9-7.8 range, for a total surface area of ​​around 360sqm.

The LED walls were powered by Modulo Pi‘s Modulo Kinetic server media: 1 x Kinetic Designer workstation drove 3 x Kinetic V-Node servers equipped with 2 x 4K outputs per server. Using Novastar controllers, each V-Node was associated with a LED wall, with an output resolution of 5568×1728 pixels for the central screen, and 4864×1664 pixels for the side screens.

Teams of Mediacom were also in charge of media content. They used Cinema 4D software to create 3D elements and 3D animations. All these elements were then imported into Modulo Kinetic. The media server is capable of retrieving all objects, animations, and associate them with a set of real-time variables.

Each V-Node server was assigned a 3D scene. The V-Node associated with the central screen supported 5 x 3D animations as well as a particle system generated using Modulo Kinetic‘s 3D engine especially for the project.

The V-Node servers associated with the side screens were equipped with an output card. Using Modulo Kinetic‘s nodal programming editor, the 3D objects and animations imported into the servers were mixed with the live capture of the fireworks and VJing. The video feeds were UV mapped into the 3D elements previously imported into Modulo Kinetic. The media server was thus able to mix and play 3D and live content during the event.

The gala ended with an exclusive concert by singer Robbie Williams, ambassador for the 2023 edition.