Projections of a Coral City, Miami

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Modulo Pi’s media servers power projections of a Coral City in Miami

As part of the Miami Art Week 2022, the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts was host of a unique projection mapping designed to raise awareness for the threatened and dying coral reef ecosystems, and the importance of their conservation in Florida and around the world.


The project relied on a collaboration between A3 Visual, Light Harvest Studio, and Coral Morphologic, an organization dedicated to the study and presentation of corals through art and science.

Projections of a Coral City, the 25-minute show projected on the Arsht Center, featured real coral footage and 3D coral artwork that highlighted the intricacies of the fragile ecosystem.


Teams of A3 Visual were responsible for the AV setup of this projection mapping visible from sunset to midnight for 7 days. The project required 15 x PT-RQ35K video-projectors from Panasonic, and 3 x Modulo Player Pro media servers by Modulo Pi.


The Modulo Player servers were used for edge blending, warping, as well as audio and video playback. They also allowed to automatically turn on and off the video-projectors during the 7 days of the Miami Art Week.