Matrix Resurrections Premiere, San Francisco


Technical Production: A3 Visual
Creative studio: Spectre Lab

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Mesmerizing projection mapping for Matrix Resurrections U.S. Premiere
with Modulo Pi’s media servers

On December 18, 2021, San Francisco’s Castro Theater was host of The Matrix Resurrections U.S. Premiere. As the stars entered the venue to view the movie for the very first time, thousands of fans could enjoy a mesmerizing video mapping projected onto the building.


A3 Visual, a cutting-edge video mapping company, oversaw the technical production. Two days were required to build the rig and get 3 x Panasonic PT-RQ35K shining on the building. A special self-raising platform had to be designed by A3 Visual to lift the projectors 6 meters in the air above high voltage bus lines and avoid shadows on the building.

The projectors installed in portrait mode were fed by 1 x Modulo Player media server by Modulo Pi: “Once the projectors were in place, we were able to fully map and dial in the projection in just 2 hours thanks to Modulo Player comments Sean Mason, Chief Technology Officer at A3 Visual.

The show ran for one evening as crowds gathered to see The Matrix Resurrection stars gather for photoshoots as they entered the theater. With the accompanying soundtrack, A3 Visual created a truly memorable entry to this world-class movie premier.


Matrix World Premier Castro from A3 Visual