Sound and light, La Rochelle city hall


Director and laser: Yann Nguema
Music: EZ3kiel
Lighting: Numéro 20
Production: Animalux & Arnaud Doucet
Photos: Studio Pierre 2 lune

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Modulo Player powers a sound and light show in La Rochelle to celebrate city hall reopening

To celebrate the reopening of La Rochelle city hall after 6 years of renovation, multimedia artist Yann Nguema created “Le sacre du Tympan”, a light and sound show projected on the facade of the city hall.

The tympanum is one of the architectural parts that make up the portal of Romanesque churches. Based on that theme, Yann Nguema conceived and created a show to highlight the freshly revamped city hall of La Rochelle.
The technical setup relied on the Modulo Player media server which was used for warping, soft edge blending, and video playback.
About ten paintings were projected with a strong reference to marine iconography, celestial vault, as well as terrestrial and vegetal elements.