Kiss the Stars multimedia spectacular, Vietnam


Client: Sun Group
Show Design & Production by ECA2
Photos credit: Ralph Larmann
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Kiss the Stars, ECA2’s new multimedia spectacular opens in Vietnam with the Modulo Kinetic media server

Kiss the Stars is a new mind-blowing multimedia spectacular created by show producer ECA2 on Phu Quoc Island, in Southern Vietnam. The permanent show takes place in an outdoor theater built on the seafront, and capable of hosting up to 10.000 spectators every night. Among the vast array of multimedia technologies used for the immersive show, video-projection plays a key role with 34 projectors and 10 x Modulo Kinetic media servers by Modulo Pi.

On Phu Quoc, also known as the pearl island of Vietnam, Sun Group pursues the development of new breathtaking recreational and entertainment sites. After the construction of the Kiss Bridge, an iconic pedestrian bridge built over the sea, the most recent addition is Kiss the Stars, a multimedia spectacular established on the seafront.

Leading show producer ECA2 was entrusted with the project, from architectural design to show creation, production, and AV integration.

A multi-purpose outdoor theater with 5.000 seats was created to host the spectacular multimedia experience. Operating in seawater, the aquatic stage consists in 4 pools and 3 elliptical arches shaping a vortex, completed by cutting-edge technology and almost 300 special effects combining audio, video, lights, lasers, flames and water.

“The challenge was both architectural and technical” says Aurélien Bouvier, Technical Director at ECA2. “Double-curvature arches were also a big challenge in terms of design and integration of effects.”

The story at the heart of Kiss the Stars comes to life through video projection on a 1,000 sqm water Cascade Screen®, and the main arch measuring 30 meters high and 65 meters wide.

A total of 34 x high power video-projectors were installed, ranging from 19K to 32K. The projectors are powered by 10 x Modulo Kinetic media servers by Modulo Pi (3 x Modulo Kinetic Designer workstations, 5 x V-Node servers equipped with 6 outputs, and 2 x V-Node servers equipped with 4 outputs). One of the V-Node servers is a backup.

Aurélien Bouvier explains: “We chose Modulo Kinetic for its technical performances but also for its user-friendliness and compatibility with Medialon, the show control system we’re using.”

The Modulo Kinetic media server was used throughout the project. Its 3D environment and projection study tools helped designing the projection during early stages of the project.

To deliver the most complete real-time simulation and previsualization of the show, Modulo Pi implemented a new function allowing to stream all outputs in low resolution in NDI. All NDI streams were sent to Depence, the solution used by ECA2 to visualize their multimedia shows, including fountains, lasers and special effects.

Teams of ECA2 worked with Modulo Kinetic’s X-Map function and 3D mapping tools to have the video content perfectly map the curve of the arch. The media server is also in charge of media playback.

Kiss the Stars is played twice every night for a crowd of up to 10.000 people. The outdoor theater was also designed as a multi-purpose venue capable of hosting other events, which was key when selecting the AV equipment for the project: “The versatility of Modulo Kinetic allowed us to configure an event section in our show control solution, without altering the parameters and calibrations of the permanent show” comments Aurélien Bouvier. “The platform meets our needs for complex video playback. Especially when working abroad, we need a reliable and comprehensive system.”


Client: Sun Group
Show Design & Production by ECA2
CEO & Producer: Jean-Christophe Canizares
VP Operations Director: Julie Cugurno
Technical Director: Aurélien Bouvier
Chief Architect & Stage Design: Erminio Serpente
Artistic Director: Charline Munnier
VP Business Development: Emmanuelle Charotte
Technical Designer: Gaël Picquet
Projection study: François Rocchetti
Photo credit: Ralph Larmann