Monumental Tour 2023, Maillezais


DJ/Producer: Michael Canitrot
Projection Mapping & Visual Content: AV EXTENDED
Media server operator from AV EXTENDED: Clément Hahusseau
Video-projection operator: Paul Delacroix
Photos: Multyde Studio

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The Monumental Tour in Maillezais with Modulo Kinetic

In July 2023, The Monumental Tour stopped at the Maillezais Abbey, a listed Historic Monument in the Vendée department. To deliver a projection mapping on the majestic ruins, teams of AV EXTENDED worked with Modulo Pi’s Modulo Kinetic media server and 6 Panasonic projectors.

Using a drone, a photogrammetry was performed, allowing to extract a 3D model of the old abbey. The 3D model was then imported into the Modulo Kinetic Designer workstation to simulate the show beforehand, and then calibrate the projectors using 2D-3D connection points while on-site.

One Modulo Kinetic V-Node server equipped with 6 outputs then allowed playing the video mapping on the abbey.


Monumental Tour
Initiated by the DJ and Producer Michael Canitrot, The Monumental Tour offers a unique experience blending electro music and digital art, in the core of emblematic heritage sites. A strong partner in the project, AV EXTENDED is entrusted with the visual and lighting design to sublimate the exceptional sites serving as backdrops for the Monumental Tour.