Taronga Zoo, Sydney


Technical Production: Electric Canvas
Architect: Tanner Kibble Denton
Words: Alison Gill
Photo courtesy of Brett Boardman/Tanner Kibble Denton

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The Taronga Centenary Theatre

2017, Taronga Zoo, Sydney – Australia

The Taronga Centenary Theatre was constructed throughout the course of 2016 and opened its doors in March 2017. It has a 25m wide x 5m high wrap-around screen that provides an immersive experience to visitors onto which a 12-minute film is projected. The Wild Squad Adventures film helps to educate visitors more about the Zoo’s conservation efforts by way of an engaging and inspiring adventure.

A Modulo Player MP-PRO-4 server is controlling the three blended projectors covering the 23m wide x 5m high curved screen. Electric Canvas designed a custom UI on iPads for the Zoo personnel who manage the Centenary Theatre visitors’ experience, so they are able to control the projection sessions easily and efficiently. Electric Canvas also programmed a “lecture mode” program and UI, which allows the system to be instantly switched over to have only the centre projector operating and a lectern spotlight activated for a presentation-type scenario.