Transparent Jaguar mapping, China


pixel n’Pepper
Production : Auditoire China
Video Mapping : Nathanaelle Picot
3D Graphists : Benjamin Le Talour, Jérôme Sérane, Frédéric Lemaire, Zsolt Bordos, Ivo Kovacs et Thierry Masson
Video Technical Director : Gael Picquet
Show control Programming : Julien Ribes
Video programming : Florence Pournot
LED System : Angus Muir & Robin Rawstorne
Sound Design : Terry Laird

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Transparent Jaguar

2012, China

Auditoire China wanted to playback a video on a see-through jaguar. It allows people to see the car engine enhanced with LEDS below a video mapped in 3D on the car body. This installation requires the use of Modulo Player and 5 video projectors.