Van Gogh – Atelier des Lumières


AMIEX® by Culturespaces

Integration: Cadmos

Content Production: Gianfranco Iannuzzi, Renato Gatto, Massimiliano Siccardi

Music: Luca Longobardi

Photos: © Culturespaces / E.Spiller

Video: © Culturespaces / David Coignoux

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Van Gogh Starry Night

2019 – Atelier Des Lumières , Paris 11 – France

Atelier des Lumières features new immersive expos including Van Gogh, Starry Night. Projected on all the surface of the Atelier, this new visual and musical production retraces the intense life of the Dutch artist, who, during the last ten years of his life, painted more than 2,000 pictures, which are now in collections around the world.