The possibilities for virtual events with Modulo Pi

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The possibilities for virtual events with Modulo Pi

The event industry has been severely affected by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic for 9 months now. Between lockdowns, gathering restrictions, and social distancing rules, maintaining and holding events has become quite a challenge.

At the same time, the need to communicate is more present than ever before. The pandemic created uncertainty, remote work has become increasingly widespread, and companies must communicate to maintain the connection and engagement within their organization.

If video conferencing solutions like Zoom or Microsoft Teams may be the big winners of the Covid-19 crisis, these platforms are reaching their limits when you need to step outside the classic meeting framework.

To go further, virtual events offer an alternative compliant with the constraints implied by the pandemic. Apart from the physical absence of the audience, what do virtual events encompass? What are the technologies and possibilities behind these new formats?


A fixed video set
In this configuration, a display system made of LCD or LED screens allows to play content as a background for the presenters on stage or set. The video background provides a scenery for the set, and the rendering is streamed to a remote audience.
This configuration is easy to implement and its virtual dimension is limited to the delivery method: Streaming.

Compatible Modulo Pi solutions: Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic


Green screen keying
Second option, speakers are installed in front of an evenly lit green screen. Thanks to a chroma keyer, the backdrop green screen is keyed out and replaced with image or video content. This technique allows to dynamically change the background, resulting in unlimited virtual sets.
However, to ensure a quality and realistic rendering, live production will be narrowed. Camera movements will be reduced to maintain consistency between the presenter on stage and the background. Camera point of view changes will be done in cut.

Compatible Modulo Pi solutions: Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic


Virtual studio with Augmented Reality (AR)
To go further, techniques such as virtual studio and Augmented Reality (AR) are available.

In a virtual studio, speakers on set are installed on a green screen or LED screen, and immersed in a 3D scene. Virtual studios enable creating a more complete environment compared to the other configurations seen before. Indeed, the 3D sets offer the impression that the event is produced in a true studio designed according to the client’s expectations.

As for Augmented Reality (AR), it is a technique used in the broadcast industry among other things. The principle is to add virtual elements to a real scene. The idea is to take advantage of the virtual dimension to offer new creative opportunities, freed from the constraints of reality. As an example, you can introduce a car, a plane, or any other 3D object at the scale of your choice. The physical integration of such elements would be much more complex to handle within a traditional live event.

In addition, presenting some data in 3D may be much more relevant than using a classic support such as PowerPoint. Graphs and diagrams can thus come to life next to their presenter, for a livelier and more readable outcome for the viewers watching the presentation streamed.
Augmented Reality offer new creative possibilities to grab audience attention and produce a virtual event that stands out.

Compatible Modulo Pi solutions: Modulo Kinetic – V4


Virtual studio with Extended Reality (XR)
The last option, also the most complete and elaborated one, is virtual studio in Extended Reality or XR.
XR encompasses all techniques allowing the creation of a rendering in which real and virtual environments are perfectly associated and mixed. We also talk about Mixed Reality (MR).

Compared to the previous configuration, XR brings background replacement in real time, as well as stage extension.

Real-time background replacement consists in the fact the 3D virtual set evolves simultaneously with the camera point of view. Production is totally free: Pan, tilt, zoom, traveling… No matter your camera movements or switching of cameras, the consistency between your real and virtual elements is maintained. Such consistency is possible thanks to space calibration and camera tracking.

Another major benefit is scene extension. Thanks to Extended Reality, you can enjoy a virtual space stretching beyond the limits of your real venue. Even if you work in a small-size set, your virtual event might give the impression of a vast studio. Regardless of the physical constraints of your venue, XR virtual studio offers outstanding flexibility in the creation and production of your event.

Compatible Modulo Pi solutions: Modulo Kinetic – V4

Here is a preview of the XR virtual studio possibilities offered by Modulo Kinetic:

Full XR virtual studio demo based on Modulo Kinetic:


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> Application Note: XR Studio with LED screens
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