A pluma y espada, Puy du Fou España


Study & mapping: WHATSIT
Media: Digital District
Modulo Player operators: SOWARP

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A pluma y Espada, Puy du Fou España

On March 27, 2021, the new Puy du Fou España theme park was inaugurated in Toledo, Spain. Across 30 hectares, visitors are invited to experience a unique immersion in the history of Spain and its legends through several astonishing shows. Part of the new spectaculars, A Pluma y Espada relies on the Modulo Player media server by Modulo Pi.

A Pluma y Espada is a swashbuckling show taking place in a 1.800 seats theater. The audience embarks on the adventures of Lope de Vega through a spectacular show involving actors and horses within an astounding scenery.
For this show, a video mapping has been created on a stage of 60m long by 10m high. Rear projection is achieved using 3 x Christie D4K40-RGB projectors, and 3 x Modulo Player Pro equipped with 3 x 4K outputs.

During the projection, a moving screen opens. Through the screen’s encoder, Modulo Player receives the screen’s exact position in OSC. The Digimap function embedded in the media server allows projecting on the moving screen real time.

The warping process relies on Modulo Player’s X-Map function. The media server was also used to create custom user interfaces allowing controlling the video-projectors.