Mapping on Chase Center for The Warriors


Technical production: Immersive

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Largest projection mapping on Chase Center with Modulo Kinetic

Immersive‘s projection mapping for The Warriors on Chase Center in San Francisco was up for the month of December and had over 250,000 viewers during that time.

The installation consisted of 3 x Modulo Kinetic media servers and 16 x Christie boxer 30K projectors. Signal was also sent via fiberoptic cable to the Chase Center LED wall and taken control of by Immersive during the show. This project was fully automated with Modulo Kinetic Tasks and powered on/off at certain times and played the show at designated times.

Immersive executed this installation with little over 3 weeks’ notice and commissioned 7 different artists to work on the project around the clock to complete it in time.
It is currently, the largest, longest-running projection mapping to happen in San Francisco history.