Mapping on the Prince’s Palace, Monaco


Technical production: Mediacom
Media creation: Alexis Gabirot, Mageo Productions
Artistic direction: Pavillon Monaco
Modulo Kinetic operator: Matthew Keane

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Prince’s Palace of Monaco lights up with Modulo Kinetic

In early June 2022, the 3rd Meeting of the Historical Sites of the Grimaldis took place in the Principality of Monaco. During two days on Place du Palais Princier, 14 cities gathered to celebrate their historic links to the Principality, and share their specificities and traditions including crafts, folk dances, and culinary specialties.

On this occasion, a sound and light show was projected on the facades on the Prince’s Palace. Mediacom oversaw the technical production of the 18-minute show revisiting Monaco’s history. A total of 6 x Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors were used to illuminate the Palace, with 6 other projectors installed as spares.

The Modulo Kinetic media server was powering the video-projectors with 1 x Kinetic Designer workstation, and 2 x V-Node servers, each equipped with 6 outputs.  Thanks to the media server’s exclusive X-Map function, the warping process was made easy. The different areas of the Prince’s Palace could be warped independently in 2D, ensuring a projection perfectly mapped onto the edifice.