Digital Interactive Game, Lyon


Creative Agency: Super Idée
Technical Production: AV EXTENDED
Photos: Clément Hahusseau

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Modulo Kinetic powers giant digital interactive game during the Festival of Lights in Lyon

For the 2023 Lyon Festival of Lights, the creative agency Super Idée imagined several installations inspired by Toys in Space, a NASA experiment in which a dozen of toys embarked on the Space Shuttle Discovery to create educational material and show children the effects of microgravity in a fun way.

Among the installations designed by Super Idée, Chamboul-Space is a giant, digital and interactive target game offering an immersion into outer space.

As in a traditional target game, spectators were invited to throw balls at the target to score as many points as possible. The 5-meter diameter target was divided into several zones, each scoring a certain number of points, and triggering new levels.

To make this happen, Super Idée teamed up with AV EXTENDED for the projection system, interactivity, and visual content. One Epson EB-PU1006W was installed to light up the giant target. The set-up included a UST-10LX LiDAR by Hokuyo, installed above the target, and emitting a beam of light that was level with the structure.         

The Modulo Kinetic media server of Modulo Pi was instrumental in the interactive experience. Offering the support of the Hokuyo LiDARs, the media server allowed a quick and easy calibration of the UST-10LX device.

Once the calibration was complete, Modulo Kinetic received the exact position of each ball crossing the 2D LiDAR beam of light. The media server could then trigger the actions planned in the show with no delay, such as playing a video effect and sound to notify target achievement, or launching new media when reaching next level.

These actions were programmed directly in Modulo Kinetic, using its internal library of effects and embedded nodal compositing tool.

As in the original Toys in Space experiment, the Chamboul-Space interactive experience offered a playful way to understand the principles of gravity and free-fall through ball manipulation and throws.