ISE 2020 – Real-time tracking and interactivity


Modulo Pi at ISE 2020 – February 2020, Amsterdam, NL
Graphic design: Cassandre Leguay

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Modulo Pi presents a show with real-time tracking and interactivity at ISE 2020

For the 2020 edition of ISE, Modulo Pi offered a creative visual experience featuring real-time tracking and interactivity. The show relied on the Modulo Kinetic media server, as well as KineMotion, the new optical tracking module developped by Modulo Pi.

Modulo Pi keeps on further enhancing its fully integrated media server solutions. At ISE 2020, a show was created to highlight some of the many possibilities offered by the Modulo Kinetic media server. Thanks to KineMotion, the new optical tracking module available as an option, Modulo Pi opens new opportunities for creative and interactive experiences with unrivaled ease-of-use and performance.

Instead of having to combine multiple boxes and software, Modulo Pi strive to provide the most integrated toolbox in order to reduce complexity, latency, and help unleash creativity thanks to one complete solution.

The show featured the following:

> Dynamic projection mapping: a fully automatic calibration process of the 2 video-projectors allowed to precisely project in real time on the car.
> 3D Real-time soft edge blending
: a 3D soft edge is generated in real time to blend seamlessly the 2 video-projectors according to the position of the car.
> Generative content: created within Modulo Kinetic thanks to its 3D engine. Particles were controlled from the timelines or the nodal programming panel.
> Real-time tracking and interactivity: KineMotion allows to track the position and orientation of the car in real time and interact with particles.

An iPad allowed visitors to interact with the show. Created in Modulo Kinetic’s UI Designer, the tablet gave access to 3 different scenes with ability to change the position of the car, adjust the Substance material projected on the car, or move the position and color of a light.

Technical set-up:
1 x Modulo Kinetic Designer
1 x Modulo Kinetic VNode server equipped with 6 outputs
1 x KineMotion tracking module
2 x Barco F50 video-projectors
4 x OptiTrack cameras