MLS All-Star Concert 2021, Los Angeles


Technical Production: A3 Visual

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MLS All-Star Concert 2021 features a creative mapping with Modulo Pi’s media servers

In late August 2021, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum got transformed through projection mapping. The façade of the building turned into a giant beer glass that filled with beer and other used themes of soccer and Heineken colors. This branded art experience was offered to a crowd of 10,000 people for the MLS All-Star Concert in Los Angeles.


To make this happen, AAA Flag & Banner constructed a 40’ tall fabric arch in the main opening of the edifice to increase the projection surface. Projection mapping was achieved by A3 Visual using 4 x Panasonic PT-RZ32K video-projectors, as well as the Modulo Kinetic media server by Modulo Pi.

Teams at A3 Visual worked with Modulo Kinetic’s 3D projection study tools to deliver the brightest projection: “We were able to achieve 200 lux on this projection thanks to Modulo Kinetic’s projection study helping us to determine it was better to single stack a 1×4 grid, instead of double stack a 1×2 grid” says Sean Mason, Chief Technology Officer at A3 Visual. “With the study, we were able to add an extra 50 lumens and changed the original design, all thanks to Modulo Kinetic.”

Edge blending, warping and media playback was ensured by Modulo Kinetic. The server helped deal with last-minute challenges: “We had to swap one projector 10 minutes before the show. Because of Modulo Kinetic, we were able to quickly map the backup projector within just a few minutes and we were up and running perfectly by the time the doors opened” comments Mason. “Modulo Kinetic saved the day on this one!”


MLS AllStar Concert from A3 Visual.