Peugeot Lion video mapping


Show design & creation: Peugeot Design Lab
Director of photography:
Fabrice Delmontel – Les 400 Tours

Technical production: Fosphor

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State-of-the-art video mapping on Peugeot’s lion emblem

Over the last months, Peugeot made an impression on motor shows and other events throughout Europe with a giant lion, symbol of the car manufacturer. About 4m high, and 12m long, the impressive lion could be seen at the Geneva International Motor Show as well as Milan Design Week lately. In Milan, the giant lion was surrounded by 40 life-size lions.

For these events, Fosphor relied on the Modulo Kinetic media server. Nicolas Manichon, Associate Director at Fosphor, explains: “We knew we would work in two different places, with a different number of video-projectors. Modulo Kinetic offered great flexibility to deal with that.”

The 3D model of the lion was imported in Modulo Kinetic‘s 3D scene visualizer.
For the Geneva International Motor Show and its bright ambience, 6 x Barco 32K laser video-projectors were required, 3 for each flank of the lion. During the Milan Design Week, 4 video-projectors were used to run the show created by teams of Peugeot Design Lab.

Nicolas Manichon comments: “Thanks to the 3D model of the lion imported in Modulo Kinetic‘s 3D scene , we were able to easily simulate the position of the video-projectors. This way, we keep on working with the same file. There is no need for long recalculation. Everything is simply distributed over our video-projectors.”

In addition, Modulo Kinetic’s warping tool – including the X-Map function – allowed easy mapping of the content on the giant lion statue.

For both events, the show sequences with time of lights between shows was different. The sequences were configured within Modulo Kinetic to run autonomously all day long.