Tech’Off days – 2019


Tracking by Modulo Kinetic
Wireless speaker:  HF
Unisee Screen: Barco
Imagined by: manythink
Developped and installed by: VIDELIO


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Videlio Tech’ OFF days – 2019

Gennevilliers – France

Minesweeper is a logic game where mines are hidden in a grid of squares. The goal is to open all safe squares as quickly as possible, without detonating the mines.

For its Tech’OFF days, Videlio recreated a life size mine sweeper , using a cart. The cart was equipped with a wireless speaker and a tracking beacon. Modulo Kinetic, using the tracking beacon as well as the 6 cameras positionned all around the grid, created a 3D version of the scene. Then, depending on the cart’s location on the grid, and the person wheeling it around, Modulo Kinetic launched various pre-programmed light and sound effects.