Vivaldi immersive exhibition, Sweden


Show design: Emotional Experiences
Technical production: WhatWeAre interactive studio

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Immersive exhibition dedicated to Vivaldi enters Swedish art museum with Modulo Pi’s media servers

From May 14 until September 18, 2022, contemporary art museum Verket is host of the Avesta Art 2022. Among the installations available at the Swedish museum, “Vivaldi. The Four Seasons” offers an immersion in Antonio Vivaldi’s composition. Produced by Emotional Experiences and WhatWeAre interactive studio, the immersive show involves 10 x Panasonic video-projectors, as well as 4 x Modulo Player media servers by Modulo Pi used for projection mapping, and integrated control of video, audio, and lights.

The Avesta Art 2022 highlights contemporary art in Verket, a museum based in the city of Avesta, Sweden. Among the work presented for the 2022 edition, “Vilvaldi. The Four Seasons” offers an immersion in Antonio Vivaldi’s life and repertoire.

The immersive exhibition is a co-production of Italian companies Emotional Experiences & WhatWeAre interactive studio. The immersion relies on 10 x PT-RZ770 and 2 x PT-RZ370 video-projectors with ET-DLE150 and ET-DLE030 optics by Panasonic. The video-projectors are powered by 4 x Modulo Player Standard media servers by Modulo Pi, each equipped with 4 outputs.
The media servers are used for projection mapping, and the playback of the video content for the different projectors. They also play a multichannel audio track, and control lights on a cue list.

Initially, the immersive show was created in 2017 for the cloister of the Diocesan Museum in Venice, Italy. Andrea Nadalini, Art Director at WhatWeAre interactive studio, explains: “When WhatWeAre interactive studio was involved in the project, the Modulo Player media servers were already in use. We had experience with other media servers, and for us it was a pleasant discovery to work with a performing tool, full of integrated features and above all, with a fast learning curve.”

After the success of the initial exhibition in Venice, the show appeared in 2019 in Bologna, Italy. The spaces of the Venetian cloister were reconstructed to scale in the noble hall of Palazzo Fava. At that time, WhatWeAre interactive studio carried out the scenographic reconstruction and re-engineering of the audiovisual system.

In 2022 at the Verket museum, the exhibition has been set up in an industrial space, with volumes equals to those of the original cloister in Venice. WhatWeAre interactive studio redesigned the installation to fit with the venue. Particular attention was paid to show control. Custom user panels were created using Modulo Player for the museum staff.

WhatWeAre interactive studio
– Art Director: Andrea Nadalini
– A/V Engineer: Michele Fucci
– Virtual Reality Designer: Enzo d’Annibale