XR virtual studio demo

possibilités d'événements virtuels possibilités d'événements virtuels

Motion design & show encoding: Cassandre Leguay

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XR virtual studio fully based on Modulo Kinetic

Modulo Pi presents a demo featuring a XR virtual studio fully based on Modulo Kinetic. The new V4 of the fully-integrated media server solution will be available by end of the year.


In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and physical distancing guidelines, our Modulo Kinetic media server is evolving to integrate new Extended Reality (XR) capabilities.
The new version of Modulo Kinetic will facilitate the production of real-time virtual events thanks to user-friendly tools, all integrated in Modulo Kinetic for a significantly simplified workflow.

Among the new features available to easily produce creative and elaborated virtual studios, you will find the following: Background replacement, Extended Reality (XR), Augmented Reality (AR), scenic extension, and more.
These capabilities are available both in green screen and LED screen configurations.

Watch video above and get a sneak peek of the new possibilities offered by Modulo Kinetic for XR virtual studios.


More details about the technical set-up:
1 x Modulo Kinetic Designer – V4 preliminary version
1 x Modulo Kinetic V-Node – V4 preliminary version
1 x KineMotion tracking module: Add-on software and calibration kit

Setup for camera tracking:
1 x Blackout green screen
1 x Panasonic AW-UE150 PTZ camera
4 x OptiTrack cameras

Presenter beacons:
1 x KineMotion tracker to trigger the PowerPoint presentation
1 x KineMotion tracker for the guitar
1 x KineMotion infrared led on each hand for the immersive scene with generative interactive content


> For more info about virtual studios with Modulo Kinetic: Contact us