Dome mapping, ISE 2024

projector autocalibration projector autocalibration
projector autocalibration projector autocalibration

Modulo Pi at ISE 2024 – Barcelona, Spain

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Modulo Pi demonstrates its multi-projector autocalibration solution with a mini-dome mapping

Launched 3 years ago, Modulo Pi’s multi-projector autocalibration module was demonstrated for the first time at ISE. 

Fully developped by Modulo Pi, the multi-projector autocalibration module allows to automatically handle edge blending and geometry on planar, curved, and dome surfaces.

The system relies on Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras to offer fast and simplified cabling.

During ISE 2024, the autocalibration solution was demonstrated in a mini-dome configuration.

Technical set-up: 

1 x Modulo Player equipped with the autocalibration option
1 x PoE camera with fisheye lens
3 x Optoma projectors

Available as an option for the Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic media servers, the dongle-based auto-calibration module allows to achieve high-precision edge blending and warping within minutes and with zero latency.

The solution already powered several permanent installations and live events including:
Futuroscope’s Extraordinary Journey attraction 
Mefistofele Opera
The Legend of Pangu spectacular in Lanzhou
Immersive symphonic outdoor concert


To find out more about Modulo Pi‘s autocalibration solution:


Register for the upcoming webinar dedicated to our Auto-calibration solution.
🇫🇷 26 mars 2024 – Session en français : Informations et inscription
🇬🇧 March 27, 2024 – English session: Information and registration


→ Technical Datasheet: Autocalibration module
→ Application  Note: Dome configuration
→ Application  Note: Elliptical screen configuration


Learn how to use the autocalibration solution in a dome configuration.
→ Access Tutorial – English

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